Welcome to Your AFAP Crewroom

As a highly trained pilot who is a leader in the structured environment that you operate in, we recognise the challenging effects COVID 19 has had to your normal day.

Your normal day starts with signing on in a Crewroom where you get up to speed on what’s happening and connect with your pilot community.

That’s why your AFAP has launched the AFAP Crewroom, so that you can keep connected and keep your day as normal as possible as we navigate through this unprecedented event. It’s designed to provide a hangout, keep you informed of latest developments and a place to go when you need to get your ‘aviation fix’ and plug back into the aviation network.

Here’s how it works...

  1. Your login is unique to you and is all you need to check into the AFAP Crewroom anytime
  2. Each of the tiles/group icons is a topic, click on any of them to see the latest updates (the newest update is ALWAYS at the top)
  3. You will receive notifications via email when something new is added so you won’t miss anything
  4. You can also chat amongst your colleagues in the Flight Deck chat room
  5. Simply click on any tile/icon and get connected now!

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